Street Address: 
The Potter's House, 1658 Columbia Rd. NW
Friday, May 19, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Hosted by Healthcare Revolution 
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Calling all those concerned about the state of health in this country! Activists from the DMV area will come together for a crucial panel discussion on structural violence (preventable violence or harm resulting from human generated institutions) and health care. The panel will include:
-Margaret Flowers, MD: former practicing physician, co-founder of Popular Resistance, co-founder of the Health Over Profit for Everyone (HOPE) campaign
-Kevin Zeese, JD: former attorney, former campaign advisor for Ralph Nader and Jill Stein, co-founder of Popular Resistance, co-founder of the Health Over Profit (HOPE) campaign
-Michael S. Irwig, MD, FACE: Associate Professor of Medicine & Director, Center for Andrology, George Washington University
-Russell Mokhiber: editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime Reporter, founder of and editor of the website Morgan County USA
+More to come!

In today’s climate there is increasing debate around how to structure a “healthcare system” that benefits the health of the greatest number. The ACA vs the AHCA vs. Medicare for All proposals; the debate over how to structure our healthcare system continues often in a very surface level form of debate. What continues to be missing is a discussion of how each of these systems either address or plan to address the various forms of structural violence referenced above. Additionally, during the debate over healthcare the conversation often becomes so focused on the healthcare system itself, that little attention is put towards discussion and understanding how these forms of structural violence interact to expedite the deterioration of individual and community health. Health Care Revolution (HCR) is a new group of progressive minded students in Washington, DC working to address this shortsightedness seen in our current system. This even will bring together activists from around the DMV area to come together to discuss the following:

1. Their thoughts on the current healthcare system and its effectiveness (or lack thereof) in addressing health. What changes if, any must be made to create a more effective system.
2. The specific work they have been involved in and how they see themselves or their organization(s) contributing toward addressing the “health” of the communities they serve.
3. How they believe students and activists can take part in creating a more just world that benefits the health of all that inhabit it.

Hopefully, as many active local groups as possible can attend. Anyone interested in participating in this important discussion is welcome and encouraged to spread the word!

Let organizers know if you are coming below: