Street Address: 
The Nora School 955 Sligo Ave
Silver Spring
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Hosted by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition and Defending Rights and Dissent
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You don't have to be a computer wizard to stay safe online. Come learn digital hygiene -- tools and techniques that take as much effort as washing your hands before you eat, and will protect you from common digital threats that activists and everyday people face.

Don’t miss your chance to speak with technology experts about the newest threats to your digital privacy and learn practical steps to protect yourself. Bring your fully-charged laptop and your phone.

Space is limited so get your ticket now!

Facilitator: Cyber activist Jeff Landale is a privacy researcher and organizer at X-Lab at Penn State University. He believes that you should have privacy and online security without having to change your lifestyle, learn how to code, or wear a tin foil hat.

Here’s what the workshop will cover:

Policy Update
There has been huge news on the mass surveillance front, including:
* Recent changes to the rules governing our internet service providers
* Trump Admin attempts to force twitter to reveal the identity of a dissident twitter account
* Searches of devices at the border
* Demands for social media identifiers
* Upcoming reauthorization of Upstream and PRISM.

Threat Modeling
How to identify and prioritize potential threats so you can make informed decisions about online activities and activism.

Easy steps to mitigate risks
Get hooked up with Secure communications, encryption for phones and laptops, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Secure commmunicationa, adblockers, and strong passwords you don't even have to remember.

The Nora School is only one block from the MoCo parking ramp on Fenton off of Sligo (but you can just cut through the alley to the school).