Street Address: 
United States Institute of Peace 2301 Constitution Ave NW
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

On April 25, USIP and The HALO Trust, one of the world’s largest demining organizations, will gather experts for a discussion on the implications and results of demining. Landmines left by warfare pose a daily, deadly threat for millions of people across Asia and Africa. Once any peace accord is signed, the removal of mines and other explosives is a critical first step to building safety and stability in a former conflict zone. How that work is organized—and how communities are involved— can help shape the peace that follows.

Join USIP and HALO Trust for this discussion—and for a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) exhibition of demining technology. The department’s Humanitarian Demining Research and Development Program will feature an array of unique lifesaving tools from the high-tech push-cart known as EMPACT to the “Minehound”—a handheld device that uses ground-penetrating radar—to a few of the department’s own mine-sniffing dogs.

In addition to the Department of Defense and Halo Trust, the exhibition will include the following guests: MAG America, Legacies of War, Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA) and the Marshall Legacy Institute.

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