Street Address: 
1700 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Monday, March 20, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Join DC Re(sponsible) Investment Coalition: #DCReInvest as they support and cheer on several fellow community members in closing their Wells Fargo accounts.

This action is part of a larger call for our city and our communities to end their relationships with DAPL investors, starting with Wells Fargo. Lay the groundwork for DC to establish socially just, responsible investing practices that ensure our city does not endorse projects like DAPL in the future. Stand with Standing Rock and all who are showing up to protect indigenous sovereignty and the land and water. #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife

Seattle, Davis, & Santa Monica have already cut ties with Wells Fargo. New York City's Mayor has urged the 17 banks funding Dakota Access to halt the pipeline's financing. Several tribes have all divested. The Re(sponsible) Investment Coalition is working with DC city council members to introduce and push for a resolution to divest our own city’s funds.

#DCReInvest is a coalition of local grassroots organizations and indigenous organizers including Rising Hearts, 350 DC, Black Lives Matter DC, Showing Up for Racial Justice - SURJ - DC and more. Join up:

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