Street Address: 
Unite Here Local 23 Headquarters @ 1775 K Street, NW Suite 620
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Hosted by: Unite Here Local 23

Sanctuary Airport: Sustaining a Movement for Justice at DC’s Airports

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Since Trump’s inauguration, thousands of people have rallied in airports around the country to stand up against the overt Islamaphobia of the Muslim ban executive order. This direct action, together with a legal strategy, succeeded in halting the first executive order.

Meanwhile, since Trump’s election hundreds of immigrant workers at the D.C. airports have organized and won union recognition. Still the airports remain sites of great inequality: record profits in the airline industry, and poverty jobs for thousands of largely-immigrant workers who keep passengers fed on the ground and in the air.

This training is to connect the movements for immigrant rights, rights of our region’s Muslim community, and economic justice for airport workers.

The training will discuss rapid response and leadership development to connect the movements demanding justice at DC’s airports, as well as organizing skills focused on storytelling to motivate and inspire people to take action together.  Connect on facebook here.