Street Address: 
Lafayette Square, H St. and 17th St. NW
Friday, March 10, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

This March is being organized by the Native Nations Rise Planning Committee.


#TakeTheMeeting // President Trump must meet with tribal leaders to hear why it’s critical that the US government respect tribal rights. This administration must work with native leaders.

#ConsentNotConsultation // Tribal interests cannot continue to be marginalized in favor of the interests of corporations and other governments. Consultation is not enough– consent is necessary.

#NativeNationsRise // The Standing Rock movement is bigger than one tribe. It has evolved into a powerful global phenomenon highlighting the necessity to respect Indigenous Nations and their right to protect their homelands, environment and future generations.  This march is asking our Native relatives from across Turtle Island to rise with us.

[This list of demands will grow, stay tuned]

For more information, see StandwithStandingRock, Native Nations Rise, or RSPV on facebook to march in the Indigenous Women's Contingent.