Skillshare: Encrypt the Hood (Private and Secure Internet Usage in the NSA Age)


Facilitator: Jabari Zakiya (Email:


1)     You can only be secure as a group, meaning the person you’re emailing or chatting with also needs to be using secure technology. Everyone should make a habit of securing their internet communications and browsing.

2)     Safe Browsers: Mozilla Firefox is more secure than Google. Google’s browser (Chrome) is traceable. In Chrome/Google, all of your information is collected as metadata.  

3)     Google/Apple/Macs aren’t safe and individuals can track us consistently google/apple/you don’t know

4)     Other recommendations include:  

  • PRISM Break -  - a list of many programs to use for different needs.  Browse here to find what you need.
  • DuckDuckgo - - secure search instead of google.
  • Put “!g” before your search in duckduckgo and it will do a secure google search. 
  • Cryptocat (Chat function)
  • You can send encrypted anon chat session with Cryptocat using the Fb network.
  • - can send encrypted files, chat, video chat, do

Passwords are passe. one day soon our desktops will be our browsers. --- Switzerland has the most robust security laws.

5)     Good plug-in – Mail Volop = Email through gmail and goes on encrypted and a GPG protocol. There is an app does that. 

6)     Proton Mail .ch - - safe email

7)     Email - email options

  • protonmail - in beta now
  • mykolab - costs money, you have full ability to download, developing new patches every day for new threats
  • riseup - not as user friendly

8)     Phones – IPhones cannot be turned off. If you got an Iphone it’s on all the time.  There is also a Blackphone.

  • android/linux
  • battery power analysis allows for geolocation
  • mic can be used to listen even when you aren’t on the phone
  • All of china’s stuff is now Linux-based

9)     A replacement for using Microsoft Word is LibreOffice – It used to be Open / Alternative for Microsoft office/ Lynx/ Reads every Microsoft file/docx, doc,

10) Blackphone – OwnCloud-Org – Apps/Contact/Email/