Gameshare June 2014 (2 hours)


Last time’s Agenda:

Last time’s Notes:



Introduction (5 min)

  • WPC Welcome - Dany or Sonia (5 minutes)

  • Icebreaker (10 min) - Cathy

    • Me too

    • P-O-W-E-R dance intros

  • Why are we learning games? Why is this part of our work (and fun) as activists?



Discussion: Experience with games so far

  • Pairshare (5 min): Does anyone have a group or challenge or situation they’re planning to use teambuilding games with?

  • Popcorn (10 min): Goals for the workshop--what people are looking for and if people in the group have the knowledge

  • When have they been helpful for you in the past?



Resistance to games / Barriers (5 min)

  • Ask group: What are some factors that would make folks less likely to participate in a game?

  • taking a risk - building trust and safety

  • getting folks invested

  • suggesting games when you’re not the facilitator



Brainstorm List of Games

  • Keep in mind there are different types of games you have: teambuilding, energizer, getting to know you

  • Not necessarily volunteering to be facilitator



Session 1

  • Game (10 min)

  • Debrief Questions (5 min)

    • Initial reactions to this game?

    • What situations would you use this game in?

    • What do you need to keep in mind to let the game go smoothly?

    • What might go wrong? Might there be resistance? How could you prevent this?

    • What else should you keep in mind while facilitating this activity: about accessibility? what about touching/consent/body awareness?

Pick another game



Session 2

  • Game (10 min)

  • Debrief Questions (5 min)



Session 3

  • Game (10 min)

  • Debrief Questions (5 min)



Session 4

  • Game (10 min)

  • Debrief Questions (5 min)



Closing Debrief / Discussion (15 min)

Pair/Share: “how are you going to implement what you’ve learned today in your work?”


Resource List



Evaluations (5 min)



  • Resources

  • A couple games that we feel comfortable facilitating