The Washington Peace Center provides strategic resources for activist organizations and individuals to make every action in the DC area more efficient and effective.

To better assist us in providing all the tools you need to change the world please fill out our Resource Survey. If you would like to submit a donation for usage of our equipment, click here. To make a payment for photocopying services, confirm charges with staff, and click here.

Bullhorns for marches and smaller rallies (donation requested, $10-40).

New! Very high quality copies. $.25/color copies, $.05/black and white copies- a fraction of corporate costs!  Call our office to arrange a time. Also staples and collates copies into groups.

A shelter for events, particularly in cold weather.  30 feet diameter, easy to set up and take down. Donation requested: $25-100

Make sure you have language access for individuals at your events. We have interpretation equipment for your events. We have a Wilson Sound interpretation system for up to 20 people. (Suggested Donation: $100) (Sliding scale: $25-$150)

Speak your mind and address a crowd while keeping your notes tidy with this handy portable lectern! Relatively light and easy to move. Suggested donation $25-$100.

Perfect for outdoor events to shield from sun, rain, etc. The tent is 10 x 10, has attachable walls and is easy to set-up. Suggested donation: $30-100

Projector and screen for movie screenings or making banners (donation requested: $15-100)

Make your event more accessible with our 3 foot long ramp! Please note that the maximum height of the step can only be 9 inches.

Suggested donation: $10-$50

Two 2x4x8 platforms  Built specifically to fit into Park Police guidelines for use at the White House and at the mall.  You will need a pick-up truck or cargo van and at least two strong people (preferably three) to transport. Suggested donation: $25-100 sliding scale

Return to the Golden Age of Soapbox Oratory! Traditionally, towns were inundated with wooden crates used for shipping various dry goods, and radical dissidents found they made handy platforms for giving fiery speeches. If you find yourself short on shipping crates, the Peace Center has one handily available for smaller or more informal gatherings. Suggested donation: $5-$10

Our large sound system features all that is pictured. Two large speakers, an amp, up to three mics and mic stands, and speakers stands will make sure you're heard for groups up to about 300 people. The whole system will fit in a sedan without much problem. Suggested donation: $25-100 sliding scale
Featuring a shoulder strap for easy transport during marches, this sound system features both one microphone input and one iPod dock! Perfect for groups of 50-75 people. Suggested donation: $10-$40
For more intimate gatherings, 50-75 people. Be heard loud and clear! Suggested donation: $15-$50

At 48"x 24" and capable of carrying 1400 lbs, this red wagon can haul anything you need either for transport or on a march. Comfortably fits both speakers and amp from the large sound system, and pmneumatic wheels ensure the ride will go smoothly. Sides are detatchable. Suggested donation: $20-$40